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About Seishinkan Judo Australia - Dojo

Seishinkan Judo Dojo practices and teaches traditional Japanese Kodokan Judo. This privately owned Dojo is run by professional instructors who practise both the Kosen and Kodokan rules of the sport.

Seishinkan means "a place with the right mind and attitude". The name originated in Hiroshima prefecture, Japan, in a small town called Otake. See the Kanji of Seishinkan Judo below next to the Otake shrine.

The dojo has a long history of promoting the traditional foundations of the sport and martial art of Judo.

Seishinkan Judo Dojo is privately owned. Training at this Dojo is by invitation only or at the discretion of the Dojo's principal instructor.

The dojo's property has all the amenities and includes private rooms for visitors and International guests. The dojo is located in Melbourne's western suburbs in the city of Wyndham, nestled in a quarter acre of land, with public transport and shops available at walking distance.

For any further inquiries on the above please contact our administrator.

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