- Black Belts -

Sensei John Guljas
          6th Dan

Sensei John has been involved with judo and other martial arts for over 42 years, he is a multiple state and national judo champion and an international contender.

He has travelled all over Japan studying the art of judo and he is Japanese recognised under sensei Koji Komuro from the Kodokan institute of Japan, and also from the International Budo Federation.

Sensei John is an accredited black belt with the IJF, JFA, AJU, AKJA, IBF and was former president of the AJA the (Australian Judo Alliance) ,

and is currently now been appointed as the Oceania Branch Director for the International Budo Federation Judo.

Senpai Yoshi Uemura
           3rd Dan

Senpai Yoshi Uemura has been involved in judo for over 22 years from Japan to Australia, he has travelled all around the world perfecting his judo with the most respected Japanese and Australian judoka's.

Senpai Yoshi is a multiple state and national judo champion and a accredited black belt with the Australian Judo Alliance and the International Budo Federation.

Senpai Tomoyoshi Kodama
                 1st Dan

Senpai Tomo has been involved with Judo since he was in highschool in Shizuoka, Japan. He has also accomplished many national body building competitions and a former Mr. Australia and Japan. He has been with SJA for over 8 years now and is a great asset with a wealth of Judo knowledge, and  especially for those who are into strength and body conditioning. He holds grades from the Kodokan Japan and the International Budo Federation.

Senpai Alan Matic
         2nd Dan

Senpai Alan Matic has been involved with martial arts for over 10 years now, and has found his home at Seishinkan Dojo

 for over 8 years. He has consistently travelled to Japan for judo and has a well rounded knowledge in Kodokan judo.

Seishinkan Judo Australia - Dojo Since 2004

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